Thursday, January 14, 2016

Knitting 2015

I've managed only ten completed knitting projects in 2015 - a significant decrease from previous years. I don't really feel as if I've knitted less. I certainly unravelled more knitting in 2015 than I have ever unravelled before. I seemed to spend weeks trying, unsuccessfully, to knit brioche stitch to a standard that pleased me and eventually abandoned the attempt (though I have set 'mastering brioche stitch' as one of my knitting goals for 2016 and have publicly announced this at my local knitting guild meeting). And then I had several attempts at projects where I was unhappy with the combination of yarn and pattern which led to lots of unravelling. Perhaps I'm just setting higher standards for myself.

But I am happy with the ten completed projects. There was a jumper for myself, two large shawls, two smaller shawls, three scarves, a pair of fingerless mitts and a pair of socks. I won't bore you with pictures of all these projects - anyway, they're all detailed on my Ravelry project page - but these are some I particularly like:

The jumper (started in 2014) which I have worn and worn:


It's a flared tunic shape I love and is wonderfully comfortable. It's knitted from Brooklyn Tweed's 'Loft' yarn which is, as its name explains, light and lofty. It's warm, but not too heavy or stifling for colder Sydney winter days.

The two quite large shawls I knitted have been given away as gifts for significant birthdays of old and good friends. Gudrun Johnson's Halligarth pattern, knitted in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Fine, resulted in an airy but warm shawl. I like angular, geometric lace patterns such as this very regular and squared-off shawl:

Bronze shawl

And then there was the traditional Faroese shawl, knitted from Faroese yarns purchased in 2014 in the Faroe Islands, but brought up to date by the surprisingly brilliant blue colour of the yarn:

Faroe shawl 2

Three of the completed projects were the outcome of my continuing obsession with sequence knitting, which I wrote about in my last, long-ago post. I imagine this obsession will continue into 2016. I like all three of these projects, but perhaps my favourite was the black, grey and white scarf that I knitted for a friend who left Australia to live in the USA:

black and white scarf

I've been particularly chuffed to see photos of her actually wearing her scarf in a USA winter!

It's only in writing this post that I realised I've given away six of my ten projects for the year. This seems to me to be a very satisfactory ratio of giving and keeping - particularly when I already have more shawls and scarves than I can wear.

And what of my knitting in 2016? I've already revealed my intention to (finally) master brioche stitch and to complete a project using it. And I want to knit a cardigan for my grand-daughter. She's growing out of the one I knitted two winters ago - lengthwise, if not in breadth - and it's looking a bit tatty. I know my fascination with sequence knitting will continue and will be irresistible, so i expect there will be sequenced scarves and maybe hats and mitts, and I suspect that there will be socks. Enough to be going on with.